We are committed to building for the future in a thoughtful and sustainable way. From rooftop to doorstop, our environmentally friendly decisions influence every green detail of our homes.

Every Stratham home is built with energy efficiency in mind. To do this, we make earth-smart choices in the appliances, doors and windows we choose, and we go the extra mile in providing efficient heating, cooling and insulation. We then invite independent inspectors to verify that we achieved our energy targets.

Earth-Smart Choices

We recycle most of our construction waste, reducing the burden on our local landfills. We also choose specially engineered wood products that are stronger and produce less waste. And, when it makes sense, we choose wood alternatives to help preserve the world’s natural rainforests. Doing so also provides longer-lasting materials that eliminate the risk of termites.


Every Californian knows how important it is to be water-wise, and so does Stratham.

To this end, we use drought-tolerant plants, limit turf area and select evaporation-resistant irrigation equipment that delivers water only at the roots, where the plants need it. Our plumbing also uses less water and is better protected from leaking than old-fashioned pipe designs.


As more and more people call California home, creative energy solutions are increasingly necessary. All our roofs are precisely positioned to maximize the conversion of solar energy. They come pre-wired and ready for convenient solar installation.

In our homes, every detail that improves the environment makes a difference. When combined, every detail contributes to a truly significant change for the betterment of our planet. We do it gladly because, at the end of the day, what matters is doing the right thing. For ourselves. Our families. Our world.